4.1. Configuration File Overview

4.1. Configuration File Overview

The multipath configuration file is divided into the following sections:


Listing of specific devices that will not be considered for multipath. By default all devices are blacklisted. Usually the default blacklist section is commented out.


Listing of multipath candidates that would otherwise be blacklisted according to the parameters of the blacklist section.


General default settings for DM-Multipath.


Settings for the characteristics of individual multipath devices. These values overwrite what is specified in the defaults and devices sections of the configuration file.


Settings for the individual storage controllers. These values overwrite what is specified in the defaults section of the configuration file. If you are using a storage array that is not supported by default, you may need to create a devices subsection for your array.

When the system determines the attributes of a multipath device, first it checks the multipath settings, then the per devices settings, then the multipath system defaults.

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