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This document is a record of all package changes since the last minor update of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5

1. Added Packages
2. Dropped Packages
3. Updated Packages

1.  Added Packages

  • Group: System Environment/Base
  • Summary: cmirror - The Cluster Mirror Package
  • Description:
    cmirror - Cluster Mirroring
  • Group: System Environment/Kernel
  • Summary: cmirror kernel modules
  • Description:
    cmirror-kmod - The Cluster Mirror kernel modules
  • Group: System Environment/Libraries
  • Summary: A libcom_err compatibility library
  • Description:
    The compat-libcom_err package contains, which may be required
    by applications which were built against older packages of MIT Kerberos.
  • Group: Development/Debuggers
  • Summary: Cell/B.E. SPU commands extension for crash
  • Description:
    Specific commands for debugging SPU run control data using crash.
  • Group: System Environment/Libraries
  • Summary: Library providing access to the DAT 1.2 and 2.0 APIs
  • Description:
    libdat and libdapl provide a userspace implementation of the DAT 1.2 and 2.0
    API that is built to natively support InfiniBand/iWARP network technology.
  • Group: System Environment/Base
  • Summary: Versatile resource statistics tool
  • Description:
    Dstat is a versatile replacement for vmstat, iostat, netstat and ifstat.
    Dstat overcomes some of their limitations and adds some extra features,
    more counters and flexibility. Dstat is handy for monitoring systems
    during performance tuning tests, benchmarks or troubleshooting.
    Dstat allows you to view all of your system resources instantly, you
    can eg. compare disk usage in combination with interrupts from your
    IDE controller, or compare the network bandwidth numbers directly
    with the disk throughput (in the same interval).
    Dstat gives you detailed selective information in columns and clearly
    indicates in what magnitude and unit the output is displayed. Less
    confusion, less mistakes.
  • Group: System Environment/Base
  • Summary: Utilities for managing the fourth extended (ext4) filesystem
  • Description:
    The e4fsprogs package contains a number of utilities for creating,
    checking, modifying, and correcting any inconsistencies in the
    fourth extended (ext4) filesystem. E4fsprogs contains
    e4fsck (used to repair filesystem inconsistencies after an unclean
    shutdown), mke4fs (used to initialize a partition to contain an
    empty ext4 filesystem), debugfs (used to examine the internal
    structure of a filesystem, to manually repair a corrupted
    filesystem, or to create test cases for e4fsck), tune4fs (used to
    modify filesystem parameters), and most of the other core ext4fs
    filesystem utilities.
    Please note that "e4fsprogs" simply contains renamed static binaries
    from the equivalent upstream e2fsprogs release; it is packaged this
    way for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 to ensure that the many changes
    included for ext4 do not destabilize the core e2fsprogs in RHEL5.
    You should install the e4fsprogs package if you need to manage the
    performance of an ext4 filesystem.
  • Group: System Environment/Base
  • Summary: The eCryptfs mount helper and support libraries
  • Description:
    eCryptfs is a stacked cryptographic filesystem that ships in the
    Linux kernel. This package provides the mount helper and supporting
    libraries to perform key management and mount functions.
    Install ecryptfs-utils if you would like to mount eCryptfs.
  • Group: System Environment/Libraries
  • Summary: A library for integrity verification of FIPS validated modules
  • Description:
    FIPSCheck is a library for integrity verification of FIPS validated
    modules. The package also provides helper binaries for creation and
    verification of the HMAC-SHA256 checksum files.
  • Group: Applications/System
  • Summary: FreeIPMI
  • Description:
    The FreeIPMI project provides "Remote-Console" (out-of-band) and
    "System Management Software" (in-band) based on Intelligent
    Platform Management Interface specification.
    This package contains a Technology Preview for FreeIPMI. Please visit for details on the Red Hat support
  • Group: Development/Languages
  • Summary: Preview of GCC version 4.3
  • Description:
    The gcc43 package contains preview the GNU Compiler Collection version 4.3.
  • Group: Development/Libraries
  • Summary: A GTK widget for VNC clients
  • Description:
    gtk-vnc is a VNC viewer widget for GTK. It is built using coroutines
    allowing it to be completely asynchronous while remaining single threaded.
  • Group: System Environment/Libraries
  • Summary: InfiniBand fabric simulator for management
  • Description:
    ibsim provides simulation of infiniband fabric for using with OFA OpenSM,
    diagnostic and management tools.
  • Group: System Environment/Libraries
  • Summary: OpenFabrics Alliance InfiniBand Diagnostic Tools
  • Description:
    This package provides IB diagnostic programs and scripts needed to
    diagnose an IB subnet.
  • Group: System Environment/Daemons
  • Summary: The iSNS daemon and utility programs
  • Description:
    The iSNS package contains the daemon and tools to setup a iSNS server,
    and iSNS client tools. The Internet Storage Name Service (iSNS) protocol
    allows automated discovery, management and configuration of iSCSI and
    Fibre Channel devices (using iFCP gateways) on a TCP/IP network.
  • Group: Development/Languages
  • Summary: OpenJDK Runtime Environment
  • Description:
    The OpenJDK runtime environment.
  • Group: System Environment/Base
  • Summary: Server performance tuning service
  • Description:
    ktune provides settings for server performance tuning. Please have a look at
    /etc/sysconfig/ktune and /etc/sysctl.ktune for tuning
  • Group: System Environment/Libraries
  • Summary: CMPI Utility Library
  • Description:
    Libcmpiutil is a library of utility functions for CMPI providers.
    The goal is to reduce the amount of repetitive work done in
    most CMPI providers by encapsulating common procedures with more
    "normal" APIs. This extends from operations like getting typed
    instance properties to standardizing method dispatch and argument checking.
  • Group: System Environment/Libraries
  • Summary: Chelsio T3 iWARP HCA Userspace Driver
  • Description:
    Userspace hardware driver for use with the libibverbs InfiniBand/iWARP verbs
    library. This driver enables Chelsio iWARP capable ethernet devices.
  • Group: System Environment/Libraries
  • Summary: IBM InfiniBand HCA Userspace Driver
  • Description:
    IBM hardware driver for use with libibverbs user space verbs access
  • Group: System Environment/Libraries
  • Summary: Userspace InfiniBand Communication Manager.
  • Description:
    libibcm provides a userspace InfiniBand Communication Managment library.
  • Group: System Environment/Libraries
  • Summary: OpenFabrics Alliance InfiniBand management common library
  • Description:
    libibcommon provides common utility functions for the OFA diagnostic and
    management tools.
  • Group: System Environment/Libraries
  • Summary: OpenFabrics Alliance InfiniBand MAD library
  • Description:
    libibmad provides low layer IB functions for use by the IB diagnostic
    and management programs. These include MAD, SA, SMP, and other basic
    IB functions.
  • Group: System Environment/Libraries
  • Summary: OpenFabrics Alliance InfiniBand umad (user MAD) library
  • Description:
    libibumad provides the user MAD library functions which sit on top of
    the user MAD modules in the kernel. These are used by the IB diagnostic
    and management tools, including OpenSM.
  • Group: System Environment/Libraries
  • Summary: Library providing access to InfiniBand/iWARP hardware verbs protocol
  • Description:
    libibverbs is a library that allows userspace processes to use
    InfiniBand/iWARP "verbs" as described in the InfiniBand Architecture
    Specification. This includes direct hardware access for fast path
    For this library to be useful, a device-specific plug-in module should
    also be installed.
  • Group: System Environment/Libraries
  • Summary: QLogic InfiniPath HCA Userspace Driver
  • Description:
    QLogic hardware driver for use with libibverbs user space verbs access
    library. This driver supports QLogic InfiniPath based cards.
  • Group: System Environment/Libraries
  • Summary: Mellanox ConnectX InfiniBand HCA Userspace Driver
  • Description:
    Mellanox hardware driver for use with libibverbs user space verbs access
    library. This driver supports Mellanox ConnectX architecture cards.
  • Group: System Environment/Libraries
  • Summary: Mellanox InfiniBand HCA Userspace Driver
  • Description:
    Mellanox hardware driver for use with libibverbs user space verbs access
    library. This driver supports Mellanox based Single Data Rate and Dual Data
    Rate cards, including those from Cisco, Topspin, and Voltaire. It does
    not support the Connect-X architecture based Quad Data Rate cards (libmlx4
    handles that hardware).
  • Group: System Environment/Libraries
  • Summary: NetEffect RNIC Userspace Driver
  • Description:
    Userspace hardware driver for use with the libibverbs InfiniBand/iWARP verbs
    library. This driver enables NetEffect iWARP capable ethernet devices.
  • Group: System Environment/Libraries
  • Summary: Userspace RDMA Connection Manager.
  • Description:
    librdmacm provides a userspace RDMA Communication Managment API.
  • Group: System Environment/Libraries
  • Summary: A library for direct userspace use of Sockets Direct Protocol
  • Description:
    libsdp is an LD_PRELOAD-able library that can be used to have existing
    applications use InfiniBand Sockets Direct Protocol (SDP) instead of
    TCP sockets, transparently and without recompilation. For information
    on how to configure libsdp, see libsdp.conf, which is installed in
    $(sysconfdir) (usually /usr/local/etc or /etc).
  • Group: System Environment/Libraries
  • Summary: A library to access SMI MIB information
  • Description:
    Libsmi is a C library to access MIB module information through
    a well defined API that hides the nasty details of locating
    and parsing SMIv1/v2 MIB modules.
    This package contains tools to check, dump, and convert MIB
    definitions and a steadily maintained and revised archive
    of all IETF and IANA maintained standard MIB modules.
  • Group: System Environment/Base
  • Summary: SPE Runtime Management Library
  • Description:
    SPE Runtime Management Library for the
    Cell Broadband Engine Architecture.
  • Group: Development/Libraries
  • Summary: A CIM provider for libvirt
  • Description:
    Libvirt-cim is a CMPI CIM provider that implements the DMTF SVPC
    virtualization model. The goal is to support most of the features
    exported by libvirt itself, enabling management of multiple
    platforms with a single provider.
  • Group: System Environment/Base
  • Summary: Provides site-wide and per-user MPI implementation selection
  • Description:
    A simple tool that allows system administrators to set a site-wide
    default for which MPI implementation is to be used, but also allow
    users to set their own default MPI implementation, thereby overriding
    the site-wide default.
    The default can be changed easily via the mpi-selector command --
    editing of shell startup files is not required.
  • Group: Applications
  • Summary: MPI Benchmarks and tests
  • Description:
    Set of popular MPI benchmarks:
    OSU benchmarks ver 2.2
  • Group: Applications/System
  • Summary: Mellanox firmware burning tool
  • Description:
    This package contains a burning tool for Mellanox manufactured HCA cards.
    It also provides access to the relevant source code.
  • Group: Development/Libraries
  • Summary: MPI implementation over Infiniband RDMA-enabled interconnect
  • Description:
    This is high performance and scalable MPI-1 implementation over Infiniband and RDMA-enabled interconnect.
    This implementation is based on MPICH and MVICH. MVAPICH is pronounced as `em-vah-pich''.
  • Group: Development/Libraries
  • Summary: OSU MVAPICH2 MPI package
  • Description:
    This is an MPI-2 implementation which includes all MPI-1 features. It is
    based on MPICH2 and MVICH.
  • Group: Applications/Editors
  • Summary: A GUI text editor for systems with X
  • Description:
    NEdit is a GUI text editor for the X Window System. NEdit is
    very easy to use, especially if you are familiar with the
    Macintosh(TM) or Microsoft(TM) Windows(TM) style of interface.
  • Group: Networking/WWW
  • Summary: A compatibility layer for Netscape 4 plugins
  • Description:
    nspluginwrapper makes it possible to use Netscape 4 compatible plugins
    compiled for ppc into Mozilla for another architecture, e.g. x86_64.
    This package consists in:
    * npviewer: the plugin viewer
    * the browser-side plugin
    * mozilla-plugin-config: a tool to manage plugins installation and update
  • Group: Documentation/Man
  • Summary: OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution documentation
  • Description:
    Documentation from OFED 1.3
  • Group: System Environment/Daemons
  • Summary: OpenIB InfiniBand Subnet Manager and management utilities
  • Description:
    OpenSM is the OpenIB project's Subnet Manager for Infiniband networks.
    The subnet manager is run as a system daemon on one of the machines in
    the infiniband fabric to manage the fabric's routing state. This package
    also contains various tools for diagnosing and testing Infiniband networks
    that can be used from any machine and do not need to be run on a machine
    running the opensm daemon.
  • Group: System Environment/Daemons
  • Summary: Openswan IPSEC implementation
  • Description:
    Openswan is a free implementation of IPSEC & IKE for Linux. IPSEC is
    the Internet Protocol Security and uses strong cryptography to provide
    both authentication and encryption services. These services allow you
    to build secure tunnels through untrusted networks. Everything passing
    through the untrusted net is encrypted by the ipsec gateway machine and
    decrypted by the gateway at the other end of the tunnel. The resulting
    tunnel is a virtual private network or VPN.
    This package contains the daemons and userland tools for setting up
    Openswan on a freeswan enabled kernel.
  • Group: Productivity/Networking/Diagnostic
  • Summary: IB Performance tests
  • Description:
    gen2 uverbs microbenchmarks
  • Group: Development/Libraries
  • Summary: Perl library for accessing Zip archives
  • Description:
    The Archive::Zip module allows a Perl program to create, manipulate,
    read, and write Zip archive files.
    Zip archives can be created, or you can read from existing zip files.
    Once created, they can be written to files, streams, or strings.
    Members can be added, removed, extracted, replaced, rearranged, and
    enumerated. They can also be renamed or have their dates, comments,
    or other attributes queried or modified. Their data can be compressed
    or uncompressed as needed. Members can be created from members in
    existing Zip files, or from existing directories, files, or strings.
  • Group: Development/Libraries
  • Summary: Generic configuration module for Perl
  • Description:
    This module opens a config file and parses it's contents for
    you. After parsing the module returns a hash structure which contains
    the representation of the config file.
    The format of config files supported by Config::General is inspired by
    the well known apache config format, in fact, this module is 100%
    read-compatible to apache configs, but you can also just use simple
    name/value pairs in your config files.
    In addition to the capabilities of a apache config file it supports
    some enhancements such as here-documents, C- style comments or
    multiline options. It is also possible to save the config back to
    disk, which makes the module a perfect backend for configuration
    It is possible to use variables in config files and there exists also
    support for object oriented access to the configuration.
  • Group: Development/Languages
  • Summary: Pure Python Expect-like module
  • Description:
    Pexpect is a pure Python module for spawning child applications; controlling
    them; and responding to expected patterns in their output. Pexpect works like
    Don Libes' Expect. Pexpect allows your script to spawn a child application and
    control it as if a human were typing commands.
    Pexpect can be used for automating interactive applications such as ssh, ftp,
    passwd, telnet, etc. It can be used to automate setup scripts for duplicating
    software package installations on different servers. And it can be used for
    automated software testing. Pexpect is in the spirit of Don Libes' Expect, but
    Pexpect is pure Python. Unlike other Expect-like modules for Python, Pexpect
    does not require TCL or Expect nor does it require C extensions to be compiled.
    It should work on any platform that supports the standard Python pty module.
  • Group: Development/Libraries
  • Summary: Python Module for Accessing and Modifying Configuration Data in INI files
  • Description:
    iniparse is an INI parser for Python which is API compatible
    with the standard library's ConfigParser, preserves structure of INI
    files (order of sections & options, indentation, comments, and blank
    lines are preserved when data is updated), and is more convenient to
  • Group: Development/Languages
  • Summary: Download, build, install, upgrade, and uninstall Python packages
  • Description:
    setuptools is a collection of enhancements to the Python distutils that allow
    you to more easily build and distribute Python packages, especially ones that
    have dependencies on other packages.
  • Group: System Environment/Base
  • Summary: VNIC ULP service
  • Description:
    VNIC ULP service
  • Group: Networking/Diagnostic
  • Summary: Measure socket and RDMA performance
  • Description:
    Measure socket and RDMA performance.
  • Group: System Environment/Daemons
  • Summary: Enhanced system logging and kernel message trapping daemons
  • Description:
    Rsyslog is an enhanced multi-threaded syslogd supporting, among others, MySQL,
    syslog/tcp, RFC 3195, permitted sender lists, filtering on any message part,
    and fine grain output format control. It is quite compatible to stock sysklogd
    and can be used as a drop-in replacement. Its advanced features make it
    suitable for enterprise-class, encryption protected syslog relay chains while
    at the same time being very easy to setup for the novice user.
  • Group: Applications/System
  • Summary: Analysis plugins for use with setroubleshoot
  • Description:
    This package provides a set of analysis plugins for use with
    setroubleshoot. Each plugin has the capacity to analyze SELinux AVC
    data and system data to provide user friendly reports describing how
    to interpret SELinux AVC denials.
  • Group: System Environment/Base
  • Summary: SGPIO captive backplane tool
  • Description:
    Intel SGPIO enclosure management utility
    This package contains (part of) a Technology Preview for
    Application for AHCI driver with SGPIO support.
    Please visit for details on the
    Red Hat support policies.
  • Group: System Environment/Base
  • Summary: Tools for using the InfiniBand SRP protocol devices
  • Description:
    In conjunction with the kernel ib_srp driver, srptools allows you to
    discover and use SCSI devices via the SCSI RDMA Protocol over InfiniBand.
  • Group: Applications/System
  • Summary: network booting/install configuration utility (GUI)
  • Description:
    system-config-netboot is a utility which allows you to configure
    diskless environments and network installations.
  • Group: Applications/System
  • Summary: Management tools for the TPM hardware
  • Description:
    tpm-tools is a group of tools to manage and utilize the Trusted Computing
    Group's TPM hardware. TPM hardware can create, store and use RSA keys
    securely (without ever being exposed in memory), verify a platform's
    software state using cryptographic hashes and more.
  • Group: System Environment/Libraries
  • Summary: TCG's Software Stack v1.2
  • Description:
    TrouSerS is an implementation of the Trusted Computing Group's Software Stack
    (TSS) specification. You can use TrouSerS to write applications that make use
    of your TPM hardware. TPM hardware can create, store and use RSA keys
    securely (without ever being exposed in memory), verify a platform's software
    state using cryptographic hashes and more.
  • Group: Applications/System
  • Summary: Tool to manage Mellanox HCA firmware flash memory
  • Description:
    tvflash is used to query and update the firmware flash memory attached
    to Mellanox InfiniBand HCAs.
  • Group: Applications/Archiving
  • Summary: Linux UDF Filesystem userspace utilities
  • Description:
    Linux UDF Filesystem userspace utilities.
  • Group: Applications/System
  • Summary: Virtual Machine Viewer
  • Description:
    Virtual Machine Viewer provides a graphical console client for connecting
    to virtual machines. It uses the GTK-VNC widget to provide the display,
    and libvirt for looking up VNC server details.
  • Group: System Environment/Base
  • Summary: Wacom ExpressKeys and Touch Strips configuration utility
  • Description:
    Configuration utility to bind Wacom tablet's ExpressKeys and Touch Strips to
    generate other input events.
  • Group: User Interface/X Hardware Support
  • Summary: Hotplug helper for Wacom driver
  • Description:
    Helper application which emulates persistent input devices for Wacom tablets
    so they can be plugged and unplugged while server is running. This should
    go away as soon properly supports hotplugging.
  • Group: Applications/Internet
  • Summary: XUL Runtime for Gecko Applications
  • Description:
    XULRunner provides the XUL Runtime environment for Gecko applications.
  • Group: System Environment/Base
  • Summary: Update notification daemon
  • Description:
    yum-updatesd provides a daemon which checks for available updates and
    can notify you when they are available via email, syslog or dbus.

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