Red Hat Directory Server 8.0

Red Hat Directory Server 8.0

Configuration, Command, and File Reference

Joshua Oakes
Ella Deon Lackey
David O'Brien
Legal Notice

This Reference documents the server configuration and command-line utilities provided with Red Hat Directory Server 8.0.

About This Reference
1. Directory Server Overview
2. Other Reading
3. Document Conventions
4. We Need Feedback!
1. Introduction
1.1. Directory Server Configuration
1.2. Directory Server Instance File Reference
1.3. Using Directory Server Command-Line Utilities
1.4. Using Directory Server Command-Line Scripts
2. Core Server Configuration Reference
2.1. Server Configuration - Overview
2.2. Accessing and Modifying Server Configuration
2.3. Core Server Configuration Attributes Reference
3. Plug-in Implemented Server Functionality Reference
3.1. Server Plug-in Functionality Reference
3.2. List of Attributes Common to All Plug-ins
3.3. Attributes Allowed by Certain Plug-ins
3.4. Database Plug-in Attributes
3.5. Database Link Plug-in Attributes (Chaining Attributes)
3.6. Retro Changelog Plug-in Attributes
4. Server Instance File Reference
4.1. Overview of Directory Server Files
4.2. Backup Files
4.3. Configuration Files
4.4. Database Files
4.5. LDIF Files
4.6. Lock Files
4.7. Log Files
4.8. PID Files
4.9. Tools
4.10. Scripts
5. Access Log and Connection Code Reference
5.1. Access Log Content
5.2. Common Connection Codes
5.3. LDAP Result Codes
6. Command-Line Utilities
6.1. Finding and Executing Command-Line Utilities
6.2. Using Special Characters
6.3. Command-Line Utilities Quick Reference
6.4. ldapsearch
6.5. ldapmodify
6.6. ldapdelete
6.7. ldappasswd
6.8. ldif
6.9. dbscan
7. Command-Line Scripts
7.1. Finding and Executing Command-Line Scripts
7.2. Command-Line Scripts Quick Reference
7.3. Shell Scripts
7.4. Perl Scripts
A. Using the ns-slapd Command-Line Utilities
A.1. Overview of ns-slapd
A.2. Finding and Executing the ns-slapd Command-Line Utilities
A.3. Utilities for Exporting Databases: db2ldif
A.4. Utilities for Restoring and Backing up Databases: ldif2db
A.5. Utilities for Restoring and Backing up Databases: archive2db
A.6. Utilities for Restoring and Backing up Databases: db2archive
A.7. Utilities for Creating and Regenerating Indexes: db2index
B. Revision History

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