63.5. RHD261:JBOSS for advanced J2EE developers

63.5. RHD261:JBOSS for advanced J2EE developers


JBoss for Advanced J2EE Developers is targeted toward J2EE professionals who wish to take advantage of the JBoss Application Server internal architecture to enhance the functionality and performance of J2EE applications on the JBoss Application Server. This course covers topics such as JMX and those beyond the J2EE specification such as Microkernel architecture, Security, Clustering, and Fine Tuning.

63.5.1. Prerequisites

It is highly recommended that students either complete the JBoss for Java Developers course OR take the Middleware Placement Exam prior to registering for the JBoss for Advanced J2EE Developers course. The developer should have practical experience with each of the following topics:

  1. JNDI

  2. JDBC

  3. Servlets and JSPs

  4. Enterprise Java Beans

  5. JMS

  6. The J2EE Security Model

  7. J2EE application development and deployment on the JBoss Application

  8. Experience with ANT and XDoclet or similar technologies.

While prior knowledge of JMX is helpful, it is not required. This training is based on the 4.x series of the JBoss Application Server.

"I thought the training materials were well-organized, including both the handbook and the labs. The instructor frequently asked for feedback on material and pace. It was apparent that he cared about our understanding of the material."--Jeremy Prellwitz, SiRAS.com, USA

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