63.9. RHD451 JBoss Rules

63.9. RHD451 JBoss Rules


The course covers the core engine for Drools 3 (JBoss Rules 3.0), as well as the various techniques and languages that can be used to manage business rules, and how the rule engine may be embedded in J2SE and J2EE applications. This course will be a complimentary course to any future courses on rule management using future releases of Jboss Rules.

63.9.1. Prerequisites

  1. Basic Java competency

  2. Some understanding of what constitutes an inferencing rule engine versus a scripting engine

  3. Viewing of the Jboss Rules webinars and demos is recommended but not required

  4. Java EE specific experience is not required for the course, but students who need to know how to integrate with Java EE will need the appropriate experience

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