RHEL 8.0 beta released

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RHEL 8.0 beta released

Post by TrevorH » 2018/11/15 17:08:16

As the more observant among you may have noticed, the RHEL 8.0 beta dropped today.

To avoid the many "when can we expect the CentOS 8 beta" questions that usually come up, CentOS does not build beta versions so there will be no CentOS 8 beta. The first CentOS 8 will be the rebuilt RHEL 8.0 GA once that comes out upstream in however long it takes them to release it.

The RHEL 8 beta is free to download and you are encouraged to do so, experiment with it and give your feedback to Redhat in order to improve the final result.

https://www.redhat.com/en/blog/powering ... nux-8-beta
https://access.redhat.com/documentation ... ux/8-beta/
http://downloads.redhat.com/redhat/rhel ... eta/README
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Re: RHEL 8.0 beta released

Post by Mike_Rochefort » 2018/11/22 15:08:08

In case the links above don’t quite work and you are using the free developer license:


For me the 8.0 beta didn’t show up in my account as an available download (license was acquired, though) when I signed up, so I needed to get it off the above link.


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When is CentOS 8 coming out?

Post by renich » 2018/11/22 18:36:27

Just a question. I've seen the RHEL 8 announcement so that's why I wonder.

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Re: RHEL 8.0 beta released

Post by InitOrNot » 2018/12/24 16:06:08

Here are the release notes for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0 Beta:
https://access.redhat.com/documentation ... ase_notes/

My take on them (in bold what I like, the rest not so much):
  • Stratis, local storage manager, use it to manage RAIDs, Logical Volumes and Filesystems.
  • Wayland is the default display server.
  • SSSD used to resolve local users and groups, instead of directly querying /etc/passwd.
  • The nftables framework replaces iptables in the role of the default network packet filtering facility.
  • The extended Berkeley Packet Filtering (eBPF) feature is available as a Technology Preview for both networking and tracing.
  • YUM based on DNF.
  • XFS supports copy-on-write of file extents (useful for snapshoting single files).
  • TLS 1.3 support.
  • PHP is 7.2 and uses FPM by default.
  • NTP replaced by Chrony.
  • Cannot disable NetworkManager.
  • Bloat: IdM (Identity Management Domain), Cockpit.

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Re: RHEL 8.0 beta released

Post by LordTroy » 2019/02/09 20:48:02

one can only hope an option is made available to not install things like cockpit..

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