Resource to configure CentOS as a web server?

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Resource to configure CentOS as a web server?

Post by earthprime » 2015/02/28 20:51:36

I'm relatively new to Linux, having spent the past few years in (gulp) UNIX. I want to learn Red Hat and am starting off with CentOS being run within a VM. I see with CentOS 7 I can do a full installation for Enterprise servers. Does anyone have a recommendation on how I can simulate an Enterprise Server setup from my desktop, including things like Data Backup and File and Print Servers? It would be extremely helpful to have some form of documentation to review. I have several LX0 test books, but I need something more geared to the operation of Red Hat. Thanks.

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Re: Resource to configure CentOS as a web server?

Post by TrevorH » 2015/02/28 22:42:38

All the documentation on works for CentOS too unless it's about RHN and the subscription manager type stuff (which doesn't exist in CentOS)
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