Likewise / PBIS unable to join domain?

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Likewise / PBIS unable to join domain?

Post by w00tburger » 2016/10/12 02:49:53

has anyone else rtun into this error? 5 hours of Google has turned up nothing. I cannot get my client running likewise to join my AD domain.

[root@sandbox bin]# ./domainjoin-cli join nuglab.local administrator
Joining to AD Domain: nuglab.local
With Computer DNS Name: sandbox.nuglab.local

administrator@NUGLAB.LOCAL's password:


Code: Select all

A bad packet was received from a DNS server. Potentially the requested address does not exist.[/i]

I have tried to change the local hostname, add all domains and DNS to etc/hosts, updated etc/resolv.conf with my AD dns servers, along with add a reverse lookup record in my AD. Everything I have done is greeted with the error message above. Can anyone help?

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