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nic wont start

Posted: 2018/06/12 14:15:46
by yonatanvi
hi all,
i've got a physical server (HP DL360 Gen 5) running centos 5 and it was rebooted a week ago.
since then i cant upload the network adaptor and it gives the next error:

thanks in advance :)

Re: nic wont start

Posted: 2018/06/12 15:47:29
by TrevorH
I have moved your post to the CentOS Social forum as it relates to CentOS 5 and that is off topic in the CentOS 6 forums you previously used.

CentOS 5 is End of Life and has been since the end of March 2017. There will be no more updates to it and the forums relating to it were all closed and made readonly at the end of March 2018, one year after the EOL of CentOS 5.

Your error appears to be hardware related to me. You could try booting a more recent version of CentOS 7 from the install DVD in 'rescue' mode and see if that has more luck trying to activate that interface.

Re: nic wont start

Posted: 2018/08/20 15:31:04
by Gerb
You can:

- try to update the kernel to as new as possible for CentOS 5, like ... x86_64.rpm

- insert a (not too new) Intel Gbit card if you have a PCIe slot free