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CFP for FOSDEM Dojo is open

Posted: 2018/10/03 17:30:57
by rbowen
The call for presentations for the upcoming CentOS Dojo in Brussels, on the day before FOSDEM, is still open, but will be closing soon. Please submit your talk ideas here:

Talks can be about anything relevant to Fedora or CentOS. You can see last year's schedule at to get an idea of what kinds of presentations were accepted in the past.

Re: CFP for FOSDEM Dojo is open

Posted: 2018/11/25 22:55:29
by jmacdougca
Is there an equivalent of this in British Columbia?

I am open minded to managing events if nothing like this exists.

Re: CFP for FOSDEM Dojo is open

Posted: 2018/11/28 17:26:34
by rbowen
No, we don't have anything scheduled for BC, but we would love to have one.

The way to make such an event happen is to come to the Centos-Promo mailing list - - and propose one. Basically, you need a venue, and someone on the ground who will take lead in making it happen. The rest of it, we can work out together, depending on how much assistance you need.