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Phonebook to CentOS, how i met with CentOS and leave immediately.

Posted: 2016/06/18 12:34:29
by wdwdn
We have an excel phonebook, This excel file being forwarded to everyone with each update. Today i wanted to make it nice with rounded corners and nice graphics but excel couldn't do it. Then i started to search for a solution. Ended up with deciding to create an intranet, but don't know about web design. Then found something called Atrium.

- Hello Atrium,
a: hi...
- can i do phonebook with you?
a: Yea, maybe, i dunno,
- do you have screenshots or
a: i don't.. burp..
- Ok, i'll just install you and check, but how?
a: i work on drupal

-Hello Drupal, i want a live phonebook and install atrium on you, how can i?
d: Yea, sure, i've many manuals and docs here
- OH, but you're mentioning many OS, many databases and many webservers, which is the best?
d: i don't know, i just work on all these combinations
- OK but i don't care, i just wanna run you, just direct me with steps
d: ammm.... no i can't do that... you have to pick yourself.
- ok, you mention centos, i previously heard of it, i'll try that
d: ok, just type yum install drupal on centos, i'll work

- Hello CentOS, i wana instal youo
c: ok, download me and install,
- Hey! this full dvd is over 7gb, i'm proceeding with minimal, just need to run drupal on you
c: ok, whatever
- sudo yum install drupal
c: no package drupal available
- oh, ok, sudo yum install drupal7
c:no package drupal7 available
- damn...

- Hello Google, "no package drupal available"
g: i've no result about it
- but... sigh... i'm just deleting this centos and go back to send excel file to everyone.
g: yea, whatever

Re: Phonebook to CentOS, how i met with CentOS and leave immediately.

Posted: 2016/06/18 14:06:53
by avij
yum install epel-release
yum install drupal7