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Hello, new to CENTOS

Posted: 2016/10/27 10:25:50
by ichinyo
I have just downloaded CENTOS, thanks, good work, easy to use. I would like to learn more about Commands, like listing hard drives and stuff. Some seems to be like DOS. I was using Mint, but it kept changing and one day the computer went BEEP, and the operating system never booted again.
and Red Hat commands, YUM instead of SUDO looks interesting. Then criticize a lot. I don't have to tell you how much fun Linux is, compared to windows.

Anyway suggestion: Any programmers out there. 2 things are better in windows 1. Movie Maker, still better than anything in linux, and Paintshop. Sorry, I hate GIMP.

I am going to try to downlaod Font software, I get all kinds of stiles, must download wine, because they are windows programs.

Great going

Re: Hello, new to CENTOS

Posted: 2016/10/28 07:25:02
by giulix63
ichinyo wrote:Some seems to be like DOS
Actually, it's the other way round... ;)

Re: Hello, new to CENTOS

Posted: 2016/10/28 12:16:44
by scottro
As for multimedia I'm not familiar with moviemaker, but there are a few video editors--no idea how they compare, I do minimal editing, and can do it with ffmpeg.

As for learning commands, there's a book, probably from the late 90's, free online.

Don't bother with the installation part, it's quite dated. However, the parts starting around ... 0000000000 are very useful. There's also another free online book,