What virtualization software do you use?

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What virtualization software do you use?

Post by Ganon » 2017/11/22 21:07:39

Hello guys,

before I wrote this post I was thinking about making a poll, but I think it's useless since there are many virtualization software and everyone has different needs and environments. I'd like to ask you what virtualization software you use and/or if you use containers.
  • Do you use virtualization in any way?
  • Why are you using virtualization?
  • What do you virtualize?
  • How do you manage the virtualization environment?
  • Have you ever though of using containers?
  • Do you think containers will replace virtualization in most (not all) way?
I'd also like to start a little dicussion about the advantages and disadvatages of virtualization and containerization. What do you think?

Kind regards,

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Re: What virtualization software do you use?

Post by northpoint » 2017/11/22 22:45:30

Ive been hearing about containers here and there but have not had time to read up on them.

I use Virtualbox and have about 4 VMs running. I also have a client using it. I like it because that is what I have always used I guess. It does a good job for what I need it to.

- Linux Mint (main host)
- Centos 7 (non production, testing and learning)
- winders7 (tax software pretty much)
-winders7 (non production testing)

As for managing the environment? Well, Hardware wise I run on a Ryzen +1800 with 32 gigs ram. I have a decent rack mount case with 5 bay hot swap. Running raid5 for my data. I also added in a dual SSD bay for the main OS.

I like VB because its easy to run from the command line so I can automate processes like exporting a VM to an appliance and then backing it up to a raid or tape. Makes it quite easy to restore in case of a major dump. Its rather easy to create bash scripts to work with the VMs too.

Hopefully some other users will chime in here about containers.
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Re: What virtualization software do you use?

Post by anros » 2017/12/14 18:41:36

Personally I use Kvmjons. It's what I was trained in, it's simple and reliable, but it's not as fully featured as some of the other products, but for a single host it's great.

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Re: What virtualization software do you use?

Post by Chirpychirps77 » 2018/01/13 17:05:44

I have used Virtualbox and kvm in the past for home use, but the last year and a half has been Proxmox. Debian based, free to run (but if not paying cannot update to next major release, have to rebuild clean for that, but still get debian security updates). I like it. Has similar aspects and interface to VMWare. Numerous Centos systems running, makes for a nice lab environment. Also supports OpenVZ containers. I'm considering subscription now.

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Re: What virtualization software do you use?

Post by rhcf » 2018/01/14 11:24:27

I have used Virtualbox on Windows7 and 2008 in the past, but currently i have KVM installed on CentOS 7 (2 guests running)
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Re: What virtualization software do you use?

Post by Elenax » 2018/05/25 06:15:41

I am using VMware on windows 10 also used VM Fusion with a Windows 7 virtual machine for app testing in Windows.

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Re: What virtualization software do you use?

Post by MaSiNka » 2018/09/11 07:55:53

VirtualBox + Mac OS X 10.11 El
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Re: What virtualization software do you use?

Post by hunter86_bg » 2018/11/16 15:44:48

I'm planing to switch from CentOS7 KVM Host to oVirt which is based on CentOS.

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Re: What virtualization software do you use?

Post by navypop42 » 2019/01/01 18:19:00

I use vm-ESXI version 6.5. I run it on a pc and server both.

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