What virtualization software do you use?

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What virtualization software do you use?

Postby Ganon » 2017/11/22 21:07:39

Hello guys,

before I wrote this post I was thinking about making a poll, but I think it's useless since there are many virtualization software and everyone has different needs and environments. I'd like to ask you what virtualization software you use and/or if you use containers.

  • Do you use virtualization in any way?
  • Why are you using virtualization?
  • What do you virtualize?
  • How do you manage the virtualization environment?
  • Have you ever though of using containers?
  • Do you think containers will replace virtualization in most (not all) way?
I'd also like to start a little dicussion about the advantages and disadvatages of virtualization and containerization. What do you think?

Kind regards,

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Re: What virtualization software do you use?

Postby northpoint » 2017/11/22 22:45:30

Ive been hearing about containers here and there but have not had time to read up on them.

I use Virtualbox and have about 4 VMs running. I also have a client using it. I like it because that is what I have always used I guess. It does a good job for what I need it to.

- Linux Mint (main host)
- Centos 7 (non production, testing and learning)
- winders7 (tax software pretty much)
-winders7 (non production testing)

As for managing the environment? Well, Hardware wise I run on a Ryzen +1800 with 32 gigs ram. I have a decent rack mount case with 5 bay hot swap. Running raid5 for my data. I also added in a dual SSD bay for the main OS.

I like VB because its easy to run from the command line so I can automate processes like exporting a VM to an appliance and then backing it up to a raid or tape. Makes it quite easy to restore in case of a major dump. Its rather easy to create bash scripts to work with the VMs too.

Hopefully some other users will chime in here about containers.
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