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I need a solution please MIGRATION

Posted: 2018/08/10 21:18:59
by cmrazvan
Hello , i have a linux centOS 7.5.1804 the sistem is install on 4 hdd at 146 gb now i have a lot of aplcation and the space is full and i want to upgrate de hdd and i was buying a hdd 1T and i want to send all datata from the ond (4hdd 146G) to the new 1T hdd ,i put the 1Thdd in a new server with CentOS 7.5.1804, i try ti find at google and i was finding method like MIGRATION method ,and i just want to help me whit the command line

The server ar in the same network (old) and new
Please help me whit the steps or tel me a method to do this.

Best Regards

Re: I need a solution please MIGRATION

Posted: 2018/08/11 10:47:53
by TrevorH
If you're moving from one machine to another then you will need to reinstall all your applications then identify and copy over all of the data that they require. There is no easy "magic button" way to do that other than hard work and experimentation.

Re: I need a solution please MIGRATION

Posted: 2018/11/16 15:47:05
by hunter86_bg
If you can keep the old machine and you use LVM (default option) , then you can use pvmove to migrate all your data without downtime.