Thank you for CentOS8

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Thank you for CentOS8

Post by rchristoph » 2019/09/25 21:53:55

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart to all who worked so hard on CentOS8

I love it beyond words can describe

Thank you and hopefully I will be able in the future to be a part of that work

Best regards

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Re: Thank you for CentOS8

Post by aaronearl » 2019/09/26 22:21:05

I second that sentiment, rchristoph. I've just installed CentOS8 to use as a desktop OS and am enjoying it, already.

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Re: Thank you for CentOS8

Post by MartinR » 2019/09/27 10:57:32

Yes, many thanks to all the CentOS folks. My only criticism so far would be aimed at the lack of alternatives to Gnome, but that is not a CentOS issue.

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Re: Thank you for CentOS8

Post by bleepbloop » 2019/10/11 10:23:31

Big fan as well, thank you very much for the hard work contributors.

I notice on the old 'installing software' forum thread the installation guide is for CentOS6.


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Re: Thank you for CentOS8

Post by Ourck20-1 » 2019/10/24 08:59:31

Hello all, French user of this OS...
Used to be distro hopper ... but !!
I'll do my best searching for answers before disturbing.
So far, so good

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