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Logo change

Posted: 2019/11/27 10:56:52
by MartinR
The latest CentOS blog includes the minutes of the Board of Directors. There appears to be work underway to change the logo for CentOS in order to "modernise" it. RH designers are proposing solutions to "problems" with the logo. Does the logo need change and should we as a community be monitoring the board?

Re: Logo change

Posted: 2019/11/27 14:56:47
by tunk
I've looked at the proposed logos and have a couple of comments:
Idea 1: "Stream", "Linux 7" and "Linux 8" should be centered below "CentOS".
Idea 3: Only use the "north-east" arrow, the others could be interpreted as
backwards or downwards. Use different colours for Stream, Linux 7, etc.