DNS redirection to centos host

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DNS redirection to centos host

Post by logtech » 2017/09/11 13:28:20


I have centos.mywebsite.org set with static IP, and not I have changed the SSL certificate to new one centos.myNEWwebsite.org and set up CNAME on windows DNS from centos.mywebsite.org to centos.myNEWwebsite.org so ideally would be if that works but it does not. The Centos hostname is still centos.mywebsite.org, and I can ping centos.mywebsite.org getting reply ok to centos.myNEWwebsite.org but when I try to open centos.mywebsite.org
it still open centos.mywebsite.org instead of centos.myNEWwebsite.org - any thoughts? The host name does not matter here since I use CNAM redirection and new SSL cert work fine when open directly https://centos.myNEWwebsite.org

but my goal is to when opens centos.mywebsite.org redirects to https://centos.myNEWwebsite.org

any thoughts?

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