CentOS 6.9 - Minecraft Server

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CentOS 6.9 - Minecraft Server

Post by lfried » 2017/10/26 04:14:43

I've been at this for most of the day. I can get any version of vanilla Minecraft server installed, currently 1.11, but I cannot connect to it; it acts as if it's just offline.

-I'm on a VPS with CentOS 6.9 installed.
-Appears to run fine when executing the following via SSH as root or user: "screen java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui"
-iptables has 25565 at the top of the INPUT chain, port is verified open and java is listening on it.
-SELinux is disabled.
-server.properties has no ip listed (inputting ip doesn't make a difference) and port as 25565. Only other changes made from default were motd and world name.
-eula.txt has "eula=true"

Not sure what else to look for. Any ideas?

I'm using http://www.serversminecraft.net/minecra ... ecker.html to confirm offline status, so I know it's not any ports on my local router.

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