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Centos 6.8

Post by shadowcr » 2018/01/25 19:02:45

I am starting with Centos, I have worked with ubuntu and debian, I want to try to install and monitor some devices, routers, switches, Linux and Windows servers, if I have configured Nagios with Ubuntu Debian, but never with Centos, I hope you can help me with my doubts

I have a problem trying to update my OS Centos 6.8, I would like to know if it is due to the sources.list file that in ubuntu and debian is in the path /etc/apt/sources.list

This is the problem

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Re: Centos 6.8

Post by TrevorH » 2018/01/25 19:17:35

Your problem there is that your DNS settings are not correct and you're thus unable to resolve mirrorlist.centos.org. Check your /etc/resolv.conf for valid nameserver lines.

And, yes, you need to update as 6.8 is not current - 6.9 came out in March 2017 and is the only supported release of CentOS 6.
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