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Nvidia OMG

Post by Ravi9969 » 2018/05/02 22:18:50

Tired of Understanding too much of links ofln web for Nvidia installation , if just installation will take such a long days than how will I do other things .
If anyone can give me proper way to install CentOS 6.7 and graphics for that than pls help I tried a lot to shift from windows .

I have i5 4440 -processor
12 GB - ram
With portable 500 GB HDD
Motherboard H81M with onboard graphic of 4600 series
And Nvidia graphic card 610 geforce with a montior and HDMI cable

Pls help me so I can too have the taste of such software , I heard from people in VFX that it helps good for simulating n rendering . Pls resolve , I m noob in this ...

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