Centos 6.2 Doesn't boot in GUI

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Centos 6.2 Doesn't boot in GUI

Post by CVibes » 2018/08/07 10:19:51

I have Centos 6.2 in an VMWare Environment, i recently installed Gnome/NoMachine & TeamViewer and i restarted the Centos machine and it loads to 100% then flicks different colours then hangs on loading bar, any ideas on how to fix this... i can boot into single user mode by changing the inittab from 5 to 3.

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Re: Centos 6.2 Doesn't boot in GUI

Post by jlehtone » 2018/08/07 13:01:14

The init 3 is not "single user mode". It is multi-user mode, with network and all. The only thing that init 5 adds on top of init 3 is the X11 server and the display manager (GDM).

X11 and/or GMD config might be a bit off. Depends on how one "installs Gnome", particularly afterwards.

There should be logs:

However, the very first thing to do is to concede that there is no CentOS 6.2 (any more). There is only CentOS 6.10 at the moment. yum update should bring all packets to latest versions.

"loading bar". Awful, useless, <expletive>, ...
The GRUB sets "quiet rhgb" kernel parameters. Without them the bootup shows more information.

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