SSH does not working with DDNS

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SSH does not working with DDNS

Post by Jamesarthur26 » 2018/09/25 09:20:39

I recently set up a DDNSthrough noip so that I could access my Linux box at home from school. I have not enjoyed the jump in productivity I had hoped for.
I was able to ssh from my mac from with my home network but I am not longer able to do that even.
I am able to ping the Linux box successfully. I disabled the firewall the test that that is the reason. I have pulled back all of the key and password requirements in sshd_config and still nothing.
Is there anyone out there that has some experience with this?

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Re: SSH does not working with DDNS

Post by lightman47 » 2018/09/26 12:07:18

Wild guess:

You didn't say WHAT you did to 'set up DDNS' but I am going to guess that it involved clobbering your internal DNS. Turn the firewall back on and put back the key/password settings - they were working before you did whatever you did and aren't likely to be your issue, unless something else has happened as well.

Exactly what did you do to set up DDNS which deals with your "outside"/Internet address? What should have happened was to set up ddclient and turn it on. Then the port (22 in this case) would have to be forwarded through any machines that are 'in the way' from the Internet to the one to which you're trying to connect.

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