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Issue with gnome-applet-sensors

Posted: 2011/08/24 18:16:04
by HDStretch
Hi all. I just installed Cent-OS 6 yesterday after a long hiatus from Linux. I am trying to start the Hardware Sensors monitor from the gnome-applet-sensors package. It shows the package is installed, and I checked it at the command line, and it's the most recent one. But the choice doesn't exist on the menu.

When I try to load the system monitor, it says that it System Monitor has quit unexpectedly. When I try to load it again, same thing.

Any suggestions on what I can do?

BTW, sensors works fine in the shell. So the hardware portion of it, at least, seems to be there. TIA.


Issue with gnome-applet-sensors

Posted: 2011/09/09 18:57:11
by pschaff
The only gnome-applet-sensors package I can find is from RPMforge. You might want to inquire on their [url=]mailing list[/url].