[UPDATE] SMB and NMB Services suddenly won't restart

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[UPDATE] SMB and NMB Services suddenly won't restart

Post by TechYSH » 2018/03/19 16:42:46


We've got a fileserver running Centos 6.9, and for the past 6 months have been using it as a NAS for our windows domain.

Recently, when trying to access the RAID drive from a windows workstation we got an error that said "the network name is no longer available."

Thinking this was weird I went to restart the Samba and Naming services. Normally when I do this, I just put in "service smb restart" and "service nmb restart" respectively, but when I went to do that this time I got a strange error when restarting the nmb service:

Starting NMB services: /bin/bash: line 1: 3062 Aborted (core dumped) nmbd -D

After trying to restart the nmb service again (with the command "service nmb restart"), I discovered that it would pretend to restart it, but when I would go to restart it again it would say [FAILED] on the killing, implying that it hadn't actually started at all the last time I tried. It does this now for both the smb service and the nmb service.

Trying to access the fileshare from the a windows workstation returns the following error: Microsoft Windows Network: The local device name is already in use. This connection has not been restored.

I have absolutely no clue what's going on. Has anyone ever encountered this before?


EDIT: After looking into the problem more (and seeing that more services had failed to start as well) I am led to believe that perhaps our problem might be caused by a lack of space in the root partition. I've been trying to go through and delete things that we don't need, but there is so little space that normal tools used to clean up things (i.e. yum-utils, etc.) don't have any space to install. Programs that I would like to run I either don't have enough space for or won't work.

For an example of the latter problem: sometimes I get the error "cannot open packages database in var/lib/rpm" or "rpmbd unable to join environment."

Is there any way besides manually searching-and-destroying extraneous files to delete them? Some utility that comes native that might be helpful? Or even, is there a directory that I should be looking in to clean up files that I don't need? I've already cleaned up /tmp and logs.


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