Sophos SSL VPN client setup

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Sophos SSL VPN client setup

Post by iaashishjindal » 2018/03/28 07:52:06

Hello, I want to access the Office network from my home. The firewall is of SOPHOS XG 115 and need a SSL VPN client for my centOS 6.6

Pls help with the software/configuration.


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Re: Sophos SSL VPN client setup

Post by TrevorH » 2018/03/28 12:40:26

Perhaps reading might help. You can get openvpn on CentOS by running yum install openvpn.

Also, make sure you run yum update before you do anything else. Your 6.6 system is about 4 whole years out of date on security updates and there have been some really bad vulnerabilities in that time. Only 6.9 is supported and gets updates.
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