centos 6.5 iptables issue

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centos 6.5 iptables issue

Post by Sahoo » 2018/07/31 01:07:59

We are facing iptables issue on centos 6.5. Even after stop iptables it start automatically after few seconds. We need to stop it permanently.Also we have stopped it with chkconfig command. Still it running automatically after some seconds. Any body help on this case ?

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Re: centos 6.5 iptables issue

Post by avij » 2018/07/31 04:34:01

Does this happen on a supported release, which is 6.10 at the moment? Try yum update to update your system to 6.10.

Prior to that, you are advised to read the release notes of CentOS 6.6 through 6.10 for any known issues:


Are you perhaps running some sort of a control panel application that has its own scheduling of tasks?

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Re: centos 6.5 iptables issue

Post by Whoever » 2018/08/01 06:05:32

What do you mean by "starts"? IPTABLES doesn't really run: it configures the kernel to do the appropriate management of packets. There isn't a persistent user process involved.

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