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remote installation of centos

Posted: 2019/05/13 13:48:37
by arun168403

My application runs in a hardened OS which will be delivered as a linux iso image and installed in a headless server which has only console and ssh access.
I have a environment where there is no USB or DVD drive access.
The server will have a default version of the iso installed.

Now the only option to install the latest version of my application is via network mode.
Could you help with the configuration that need to changed to support network mode of installation.

Currently i'm using Centos 6.x version and want to upgrade to centos6.8.


Re: remote installation of centos

Posted: 2019/05/13 15:02:18
by TrevorH
You don't want to be using 6.8 for anything. It's several years old and has numerous high severity security vulnerabilities. The only "safe" version is 6.10 plus all subsequent patches as delivered by running yum update

Also, CentOS 6 has only about 18 months of life left before it goes EOL and no more updates are provided. You might want to look at using CentOS 7 instead as that still has 5 years left.

Re: remote installation of centos

Posted: 2019/05/14 08:40:17
by arun168403
Hi Trevor,

Thanks for the update.
I will check for the feasibility of upgrading to 6.10/7. In that case also, i have the option only to make local/remote installation.
the environment is highly secured where there is no internet connectivity or USB/DVD access.

It would be nice, if you can share with any configuration change to be made to grub/boot configuration, that will pick up the iso from a shared server or local hard drive for installation.