Kaby Lake new Intel CPUs and Centos 6.8 graphics support

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Kaby Lake new Intel CPUs and Centos 6.8 graphics support

Postby mudo007 » 2017/02/12 02:20:44

Hi, we run a small EDA company and must acquire new Workstations this month. We are thinking about picking up the new i7-7700k CPU, which comes with Intel 630 graphics integrated GPU. I can't find any confirmation anywhere that Centos 6.8 already supports or if it will be supported on Centos 6.9. since we must use Centos 6 for cadence software my questions are :

- are new Intel graphics cards generally backwards compatible with drivers for the early version? I.e. would the 630 card run with 505 drivers for compatible features, such as 1080p resolution?

- will Centos 6.9 include drivers for these new processors/graphics? Is there an estimated release date for it?

- would downloading and compiling the source drivers for the 630 card on Centos 6.8 work? Would it be straightforward or complex? Sorry if it sounded dumb, but I have no experience compiling drivers.

- what is the latest Intel integrated graphics card supported on 6.8?

Thanks a lot!

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