Cent OS 6 and SSD - Kernal Panic

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Re: Cent OS 6 and SSD - Kernal Panic

Post by sciflux218 » 2016/05/16 13:30:31

I need to give an update on my situation because this post might help anyone that's new to Linux and is experiencing weird problems like the kernel panic error that I was getting. After I was able to get the OS installed, I started noticing that my new server was having other weird problems. It would restart itself for no reason and not give me any error messages. I noticed that firefox was crashing a lot and that after a while gnome would glitch and become unusable. After dealing with this issue for a while. I decided to wipe the harddrive and install Ubuntu on it. After a while of using Ubuntu, I noticed that I was also having weird problems with Ubuntu and then that was when I started to suspect the hardware. I ended up finding out that one of the two new RAM sticks that I purchased from newegg was bad. I took those RAM sticks and plugged them into my other desktop PC and that machine started getting blue screens. The funny thing about that RAM is that both of those sticks passed a memory86 test with flying colors so now I know that mem86 test are not 100% reliable.

A lot of Linux newbs tend to blame the OS because they feel like they did something wrong to cause the problems that they're experiencing and they overlook the hardware, but nine times out of ten when you're experiencing weird issues like mine, the source of the problem is your hardware. Especially if the machine that you're installing linux on is brand new. If you're installing Linux on a machine that was working fine with Windows, but isn't working well with Linux, then it would be safe to assume the hardware is not the source of the problem.

I replaced the bad RAM and reinstalled the operating system. I didn't get any kernel panics after I installed the OS and I didn't have to disable SELinux. My machine is stable now.

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