"Device Manager" alternative & diagnostics tools

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"Device Manager" alternative & diagnostics tools

Post by Jacktrades » 2016/06/21 11:56:17

Hi guys ... as I have said in the other software oriented post I am really new to Linux so please bare with my - probably - stupid question.

On windows there is a place called Device Manager where you can see a tree of devices that make your system and see if all devices have the correct drivers and most importantly if all of your devices have a driver, or you have to install something to make that device usable.

How can I check if all of my devices are ok, and usable on my Centos PC?

and a little extra .. i have an x58 mb by asus, with two geforce cards on it. No SLI bridge on them however. On windows I know that it didn't make a difference, and I could check that they BOTH work simultaneously with a benchmark, plus the driver utilities plus the device manager...

What tools do I have to check my system? (I am reffering mostly to graphical tool rather than raw console output)

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