input output error

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input output error

Post by delllucholf » 2016/07/21 12:56:08

Hi all,

One of my customer is encountering an issue when using :
ls -la /Volumes.

It results in :
ls: cannot access /Volumes: Input/output error.

From Centos 6.5.
The volume is located on a storage bay.

We have already replaced the network card (from a Dell R720XD) because the customer thought the network card was the root cause.

The customer sent me some logs but i really dont know how to do with these logs...

So is it possible if someone could keep an eye on it ? But i cannot attach it because of the size...
Otherwise, i noticed several "page allocation failure" in /var/log/messages.

Thank you,


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Re: input output error

Post by mghe » 2016/08/19 08:02:04

What version kernel do you have?

Update system and kernel to newest version should be resolve problem!

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