6.8 update killed Dell Poweredge graphics

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6.8 update killed Dell Poweredge graphics

Post by kb9mfd » 2016/08/25 19:30:49

I have a PoweEdge 1600SC running Centos 6.8. Actually is was installed as a 6.2 several years ago and had almost a two year uptime, and was updating so when we lost power a couple of weeks ago I believe it updated form 6.4 to 6.8. It will boot and I see the text mode boot sequence, but now the desktop does not show up and I cannot get to a text terminal either. I logged in via ssh and webmin and it running fine, I just have no graphics or local monitor at all. Sort of a the same thing, I am trying to install 6.8 on a PowerEdge 6850 and I cannot install it and it will not work in graphic mode. I had to specify it as basic vga graphic driver in the grub menu and install it text only, if I don't after it boots I have no monitor in graphic mode. I assume these are related. Any suggestions? I had the 1600SC running for years just fine in graphic mode. Thanks! - Jeremy

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Re: 6.8 update killed Dell Poweredge graphics

Post by iCone » 2016/09/20 18:33:57

The same thing happened to me on a legacy machine, after updating to kernel 2.6.32-642.2.el6.x86_64 we lost the GUI at the console. So far have found no solution and my workaround was to change the run level to 3 and just not use the GUI at the console.

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