editing file via rescue

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editing file via rescue

Post by iinfotecnica » 2016/09/09 14:40:09

Hello I had a problem on the server config server plugin firewall it does not work so support the CFS reported disable FastStart when did this server crashed
it seems that all the doors were locked preventing any access to the server

I precisiva edit file cfs.conf which is within etc.

must enable the function again FastStart

She's so FastStart "0" must enable FastStart '01' '

However as I have no access data center does not want to support
however I can only edit it via rescue

Need to do this because I have important files on the server and can not lose by editing the file server I believe will come back again

But I can not pull the picture
They gave me some tips as example

ls / dev / [hsv] d [a-z] * [0-9] *
# Eg / dev / sda / dev / sda1 / dev / sda2 / dev / sda3
You can mount Then the Desired drive / partition.
mount / dev / sda3 / mnt
With Software Raid
You can display the detected devices MD.
ls / dev / md *
# Eg / dev / md0 / dev / md1 / dev / md2
You can mount Then the Desired MD device.
mount / dev / md2 / mnt
Mounting LVM volumes
You can display the LVM volumes.
ls / dev / mapper / *
# Eg / dev / mapper / vg0 home / dev / mapper / vg0-root / dev / mapper / vg0-swap
You can mount Then the Desired LVM volumes.
mount / dev / mapper / vg0-root / mnt
Resetting the Root Password
To reset the root password of the server, you must first mount the drives in the Explained point 3.
Then use chroot to switch into the mounted system.
chroot-prepare / mnt
chroot / mnt
You can now change the password directly by using passwd.

But it did not work someone could help me how do I fix without losing my files
Server dedicdo in Hetzner

Please if anyone can help me already do not know what to do

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