data HDDs RAID 1 under Windows/CentOS installation problem

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data HDDs RAID 1 under Windows/CentOS installation problem

Post by graphresearcher » 2017/09/11 17:05:16

I am trying to install:
- two OS'es on one SSD (first Windows 7 x64 and then CentOS 6.9 x64)
- one RAID 1 on two 2TB HHDs with MBR and NTFS
My motherboard (ASUS P5Q Turbo) is old, so BIOS is without the UEFI option.

Theoretically I have two options for specifying RAID in BIOS:
1. AHCI (with ICH10R driver)

Ad 1. When I chose AHCI option in BIOS I may install Windows with RAID but Linux sees the RAID disk as two separate disks. It is because when I am trying to install software RAID in Linux it tries to create its own partitions on both HDDs in RAID. After that Windows does not see them correctly and fails while booting.

Ad 2. When I chose RAID option in BIOS I install Windows without any problems and then I install Linux as well. However after these installations it is impossible to start Windows due to MBMGR fail. After its reparation I can start only Windows. After reparation of Linux I can start only Linux.

How can I achieve my installation configuration specified at the top?
Is this a CentOS 6.9 problem (damaging Windows boot process in the case of RAID option in BIOS)?
Will these problems appear after upgrade of my motherboard to the one with UEFI option in BIOS?
What is the root cause of booting problems present even in the case of fresh OS installations on a SSD separated from RAID HDDs (this is very simple case)?

Thank you in advance for your help and any suggestions

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