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DNS Reverse File

Posted: 2017/11/02 16:49:12
by arslan
I'm having an issue in my DNS. It is working fine my centos server but it is resolving my domain name.
My domain name is
IP address of my server is
and the client IP is (given by DHCP)
I have only 1 client right now. I'm working on a task given by my teacher so I'm not a professional network engineer.
When I lookup my DNS server from Centos this appear:

but when i give the same command in my client system (my client is running on windows 7) (command*=nslookup)
i get this message:
Server: Unknown

*** Unknown can't find Querry refused
if i missed any point here please do let me know. thanks :)

Re: DNS Reverse File

Posted: 2017/11/02 18:02:38
by TrevorH
Out of the box, named only listens on localhost, you have to change that to allow it to listen on the external ip. You'll also need to open the right ports in your firewall - either with firewall-cmd or the iptables command depending on which you use.

Windows also needs your dns server to have a record for its own ip address (the dns server ip not the windows one).