Hypothetical DHCP question

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Hypothetical DHCP question

Postby edlentz » 2018/01/24 21:07:02

I have a Centos 6 system that is also mainly used as an asterisk server. My SIP phones when they boot look for Option 66 to find their provisioning server. I do not always have control of the network DHCP server. Is it possible to setup a DHCP server on my box that only responds to the Option 66 messages and sends its IP address for the Option?

Thanks for any responses, even if it is ARE YOU NUTS?

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Re: Hypothetical DHCP question

Postby Whoever » 2018/01/25 05:04:54

I don't think that this will work.

You can't have two dhcp servers on the same subnet unless they are cooperating.