IBM x3550 M3

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IBM x3550 M3

Postby yossiba » 2011/04/07 11:53:18

will the x3550 m3 support centOS 4.7? ... 59USEN.PDF

would really appreciate an answer asap...
thanks alot,

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Re: IBM x3550 M3

Postby pschaff » 2011/04/08 15:12:12

Welcome to the CentOS fora. Reading FAQ & Readme First is recommended for new users.

Is says it supports RHEL so it should also support CentOS. You should install 4.8 and update to 4.9 (a no media release) rather than the obsolete 4.7 however. You may also want to consider that 4.x is nearing end of life before doing fresh installs.

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IBM x3550 M3

Postby foxb » 2011/04/08 19:50:20

Most probably the answer is yes.

At least it look like IBM supports RHEL 4 for this product.

This usually means that CentOS 4 will be also working.

Note that I do not have this hardware and it is not possible to confirm with 100%.

You can try searching RHEL supported hardware and Google ;-)

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Re: IBM x3550 M3

Postby Openxcell » 2011/06/28 08:01:48

I think it is supports RHEL so it would support centOS. Install 4.8 and update 4.9. Thanks.