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Server cd?

Posted: 2005/03/05 01:28:56
by BobN9LVU
I was wondering if there will be a special server edition cd put out for 4.0 ?

If so, could you possible add a gui??

I am looking for a 1 cd to install a web\ftp server with a gui for use in my class. I have the Centos 4.0 DVD, and have it
installed and up and running with web and ftp services working fine, but the systems in my class only have cdrom drives.

Thanks for any help!

Robert Kubichek :lol:

Re: Server cd?

Posted: 2005/03/10 17:53:50
by nozzy
It seems your classroom PC's need an upgrade to DVD drives.

I think there is not going to be a 1 CD version with GUI of CentOS.

Server cd?

Posted: 2005/03/22 13:04:21
by z00dax
If the machines are all on a network, it would be very simple to ru network installs and them and to keep the remotely updated.

We are working on a single server cd - but the desktop ( as you need ) is very difficult to get into a single cd without breaking the comps.xml and breaking up packages... So for the time being, while I know someone is working on a desktop single cd too, I would be pre-mature to say that its going to happen soon.

go with the network install...

Re: Server cd?

Posted: 2005/03/22 16:34:18
by goldstarqc

Do you know when the server CD will be released, I'll wait for it before upgrading...

Thank you,

Patrick FD

Re: Server cd?

Posted: 2005/03/23 00:46:12
by dnuttall
If your machines have similar architecture, then you might do well to set one up the long/hard way, then create an IMAGE and build the rest of your machines from the image.

Tools such as Ghost can do the job and there are probably other ways also. I recently demonstrated how the BartPE mechanism, coupled with Ghost 8 (corporate) would burn images to a local CD/DVD or a network attached drive and then build/rebuild/recover as needed.

Another option might be to acquire a low-cost DVD and put it into an external case with its own power supply and USB connector. Modern BIOS settings may allow you to boot a portable DVD and rebuild that way as well. I've seen the makings for less than $100USD.

Dave Nuttall
San Antonio, TX