Rescue assistance needed: GLIBC

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Rescue assistance needed: GLIBC

Postby rogene » 2007/01/31 18:26:07

I receive this error on booting:

/sbin/init: relocation error: /lib64/ symbol _dl_out_of_memory, version GLIB_PRIVATE not defined in file with link time reference

Kernel panic - not synching: Attempted to kill init!

I would very much appreciate suggestions regarding how I might restore the system, aside from a complete reinstallation.
I have CentOS 4.4 on CDs (4), but the system configuration reflects regularly applied system updates.


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Rescue assistance needed: GLIBC

Postby pjwelsh » 2007/01/31 18:52:16

Did you somehow try to upgrade glibc? You can atleast get data back from the system no matter what, however...
Try to boot from CD/DVD and run "linux rescue" from that initial boot prompt. Then let it find and mount your HD. You should FIRST (just to be sure) see if you can ftp/scp/rsync/whatever your IMPORTANT data to some other box.

(doing this from feeble memory) *IF* you did have some glibc issue, then try to run something like "rpm --root /your/mountpoint/for/slash -Uhv --force /path/to/cd/rpm/of/glibc.rpm"

However, if @foxb or @Lenard or @arrfab responds, I would pay more attention to them...

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Re: Rescue assistance needed: GLIBC

Postby rogene » 2007/02/01 04:16:36

Thank you!!!

I was not able to find the rpm on the CD distribution, but as my network connection and ftp worked, I grabbed a copy of the RPMs off and then installed per your instructions.

Much less pain than I was expecting. I appreciate your help.