Always "Exceed maximum login attempts" and captcha not accep

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Always "Exceed maximum login attempts" and captcha not accep

Post by pstein » 2015/04/24 06:22:43

Whenever I login into centos forums after some weeks/month with my CORRECT login and password I am getting an error message:

"You exceed the maximum allowed numer of login attempts. In addition to your username and password you now also have to solve the CAPTCHA below"

Maybe there are some bad robots out there which try to login with my simple login name by brute force attacks.

Is there a way to change my login name or do I really have to re-register a new login account?

Secondly and even worse: when I try to re-login by solving the Captcha then this CORRECT captcha I am redirected back to the first login page.

So solving the captcha does not seem to have any effect.

This is clearly a bug of the forum login script procedure.

Could you check this?

The only way I found so far is to re-sent a new password. This is annoying.

Thank you

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Re: Always "Exceed maximum login attempts" and captcha not a

Post by glennzo » 2015/04/24 07:21:25

I'll second that. +1.

I've also found that logging in from a new browser I need to enter user name password (expected) and I'm directed to the board index, where I am, oddly enough, not logged in. I need to log in a second time. This is fairly consistent behavior.
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