Broke SSL Site after messing w/hostname

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Broke SSL Site after messing w/hostname

Post by rkymtnhigh » 2016/02/26 18:30:51

After trying to change the hostname, my site became inaccessible. I went through and removed my changes but still unable to access.
I am unable to telnet to port 443.
I've tried generating a new key, and using that one, but same issue.
I don't see too much in the httpd logs, it used to say that the cert didnt match the hostname, but that has since disappeared.

Thank you.

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Re: Broke SSL Site after messing w/hostname

Post by TrevorH » 2016/02/26 21:26:33

This is the wrong forum for this problem. This forum is for reporting problems with the CentOS website not for asking for help with your own. Please tell us which version of CentOS you are using and a moderator will move this topic to the right forum.
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