External Drive Mounting Issues

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External Drive Mounting Issues

Postby Kats » 2017/02/17 16:54:59

Hi there! I'm a very new user of CentOS and of Linux in general. I've just set up a development server for my company in our office with CentOS, but I'm running into a problem with removable drive mounting.

We're using several drives that use exFAT. I've already installed all of the required dependencies to be able to access the file system but a major problem that I can't find any solutions for is why the drive fails when I disconnect and reconnect the device.

The drives are running on cameras and unfortunately formatting them to something other than exFAT is out of the question. These drives are also required to be frequently disconnected, which is why I really need them to be able to automatically unmount and remount on connection.

I come mainly from the Windows side of computing and I've only within the past month or so gotten my feet wet with Linux, which is why I'm having so many issues, it seems. Is there a piece of software that will automatically handle mounting and unmounting of drives in the same sense as drives are in a Windows platform?

If not, is there anyone who would be willing to help walk me through capturing the system interrupts of the USB connection so I can mount them programatically? I'm fluent in C++ so if for whatever reason isn't not something native, I wouldn't be opposed to writing something so long as it can be reasonably done within a few days.

If you have any other solutions, I'm all ears. I'm open to any and all suggestions as long as they don't break any of the fundamental constraints I'm working with. Thank you!

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Re: External Drive Mounting Issues

Postby TrevorH » 2017/02/17 18:01:55

How are you mounting them now?

You'll probably want udev rules to do the mount for you though a systemd mount unit file might be good enough.
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Re: External Drive Mounting Issues

Postby Kats » 2017/02/17 18:17:09

I've been just trying to mount it through the mount -t exfat /dev/sdc /media/camera command, which worked the first time, but disconnecting the device seems to cause it to break. Now when I try it fuse-exfat throws and error and fails.

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