diskless booting using ipxe+iscsi hangs with dracut error

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diskless booting using ipxe+iscsi hangs with dracut error

Postby iamauser » 2017/04/20 16:55:52

Hi Experts,

I am trying to boot a diskless CentOS-7 VM using iPXE from a remote iSCSI target. This is how I am booting from iPXE command line,

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iPXE> sanboot iscsi:

The boot hangs midway with the following dracut error. Any suggestion is appreciated.

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[  OK  ] Reached target Paths.
[  OK  ] Reached target Basic System.
[    1.879252] 8139cp 0000:00:03.0 ibft0: link up, 100Mbps, full-duplex, lpa 0x05E1
[    2.005564] tsc: Refined TSC clocksource calibration: 2399.985 MHz
[    4.524074] dracut: FATAL: No handler for netroot type 'iscsi:'
[    4.527404] dracut: Refusing to continue
[    4.538742] systemd-shutdown[1]: Sending SIGTERM to remaining processes...
[    4.545350] systemd-journald[97]: Received SIGTERM from PID 1 (systemd-shutdow).
[    4.552599] systemd-shutdown[1]: Sending SIGKILL to remaining processes...
[    4.555682] systemd-shutdown[1]: Unmounting file systems.
[    4.557112] systemd-shutdown[1]: All filesystems unmounted.
[    4.558437] systemd-shutdown[1]: Deactivating swaps.
[    4.559660] systemd-shutdown[1]: All swaps deactivated.
[    4.560910] systemd-shutdown[1]: Detaching loop devices.
[    4.562229] systemd-shutdown[1]: All loop devices detached.
[    4.563520] systemd-shutdown[1]: Detaching DM devices.
[    4.564787] systemd-shutdown[1]: All DM devices detached.
[    4.566254] systemd-shutdown[1]: Halting system.
[    4.572123] System halted.

This is how the kernel line looks like in grub.cfg

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linux16 /vmlinuz-3.10.0-327.el7.x86_64 root=/dev/mapper/centos-root ro crashkernel=auto nomodeset rd.lvm.lv=centos/root rd.lvm.lv=centos/swap console=tty0 console=ttyS0,115200n8 netroot=iscsi: iscsi_initiator=iqn.2017-04.net.timbuktu.vms01:ipxe-centos rd.iscsi.ibft=1 rd.iscsi.waitnet=0 rd.iscsi.testroute=0

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Re: diskless booting using ipxe+iscsi hangs with dracut error

Postby aks » 2017/04/21 16:09:59

Perhaps your initrd doesn't contain the iscsi software? COnfirm that and if it is rebuild it (just Google for that).

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Re: diskless booting using ipxe+iscsi hangs with dracut error

Postby iamauser » 2017/04/21 18:13:32

Thanks. I will look into this for sure. Right now, I installed CentOS-7 VM through virt-install locally on the iSCSI server.
Follow up question, does the netroot and initrd setup for a network boot happens automagically when the OS installation is done via iPXE+iSCSI ?

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