CentOS 7 XFCE Wine Issue (please help?)

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CentOS 7 XFCE Wine Issue (please help?)

Post by LordTroy » 2018/11/09 04:36:20

# winecfg
000f:fixme:service:scmdatabase_autostart_services Auto-start service L"MountMgr" failed to start: 2
000f:fixme:service:scmdatabase_autostart_services Auto-start service L"WineBus" failed to start: 2
0009:err:winecfg:open_mountmgr failed to open mount manager err 2

installed wine via epel with command # yum install -y wine
was working after initial install and boot. successive reboots return with this "unable to connect to mount manager, the drive configuration cannot be edited." when attempting to open wine configuration via menu.

upon initial opening of wine config, wine did its update but now will not cooperate. assistance?

Bump: Still not resolved, not sure how to get wine working correctly.

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