mount a secondary disk with another Centos

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mount a secondary disk with another Centos

Post by raffaele.fabbri » 2017/10/14 14:07:05

I want to save information saved into a disk with CentOs that does not start.

I try to mount succesfully /dev/sdb1 partition with command

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mount -t xfs /dev/sdb1 /mnt/pb1
I try to mount /dev/sdb2 partition but the system reply me with

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[root@localhost ~]# mount -t xfs /dev/sdb2 /mnt/pb2
mount: /dev/sdb2 is already mounted or /mnt/pb2 busy
the partition architecture is

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[root@localhost ~]# lsblk -f
NAME         FSTYPE      LABEL UUID                                   MOUNTPOINT
├─sda1       xfs               ff864ef3-c401-42f0-8e85-af5be7590d9d   /boot
└─sda2       LVM2_member       KMnahl-6NIz-sl4q-riEP-UkrF-ayYY-Yf9zsH 
  ├─cl-root  xfs               8c88e7b1-2097-4326-8951-3db1b973bf72   /
  └─cl-swap  swap              d5e695ef-f160-487e-a3a8-7e7ce04c5b95   [SWAP]
├─sdb1       xfs               42cfc0cc-cdc7-442d-84af-7a0b23e2bb59   /mnt/pb1
└─sdb2       LVM2_member       nFvDHO-0nZH-Hzj3-op7d-hmsY-cq1z-obErzP 
             swap              d4b0292c-102d-4e8b-91b8-e2cd44911327   
             xfs               cb7695c6-d839-432e-b6ab-e3f77566cf05   
what I do to access to centos-root partition of sdb disk?

thanks in advance

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Re: mount a secondary disk with another Centos

Post by TrevorH » 2017/10/14 17:13:53

Your /dev/sdb2 is not a filesystem, it's an LVM PV and contains the "centos" volume group. You need to mount /dev/centos/root (or /dev/mapper/centos-root, same thing).
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