New to CentOS - Seeking advice for home server setup on Raspberry Pi 3

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New to CentOS - Seeking advice for home server setup on Raspberry Pi 3

Post by d4ff » 2017/10/18 07:49:00

Hello new friends,

I'm setting up a personal server on a Raspberry Pi (I'm new to servers, but familiar with Arch/Debian based linux distros). Some frustrations with Rasbian has led me to CentOS. I've managed to install it and get things working on the RPi, the purpose of this post is just to harvest some advice in hopes that it may help me dodge a mistake or two.

I want the home server to provide the following services:
- A private GitLab (community edition) setup
- Torrenting via VPN
- Make media files (movies tv shows) available through Kodi on my other devices
- Owncloud
- A website (training grounds for me to learn Django, wont be receiving much traffic)

I want to be able to access these services via the Internet, not just over my home network.

I'm sure I would be able to get these things up and running on my own; there are plenty of relevant guides online. The motivation for this post is to see if there is anything in particular I should be aware of with respect to getting all these things working simultaneously, on the same server.

For example, I know that GitLab uses ngnix, while Owncloud uses Apache; so installing GitLab after apache2 can mess things up. This is the type of thing I would like to be warned about so I can avoid pitfalls and hopefully save some time. Should I proceed in any particular order when setting this up? Eg. should I handle port-forwarding and making the server accessible via the Internet before installing and configuring the services? Should I have different users for the different services? Does running a VPN 24/7 complicate what I'm trying to do? Is this too much for an RPi to handle even though it's just for my own private use?

Any tips would be appreciated. I'm sure it would be healthy for me to just give it the old college try and learn by messing up, but I'd love to save some time getting all this up and running.

Much love <3

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