Activities button changed behaviour after installing Dropbox

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Activities button changed behaviour after installing Dropbox

Postby FranekW » 2017/11/18 14:01:38

I tried to install Dropbox on CentOS 7 from an rpm file available for Fedora (Dropbox website). It did not work and I decided to remove everything including dependencies:

yum remove nautilus-dropbox.XXX
yum autoremove

In Gnome, the button Activities at the left-hand side upper corner should open a window with all grouped applications including Favorites. After the actions with Dropbox install file, Activities button doesn't respond this way. Its response is the same as if I moved cursor/pointer maximally to the left-hand side corner and hold there. Then all applications are slightly scaled down and brought to a desktop, so one can choose. The button Activities behaves the same way while it should give me a list of applications. Is there anything I can do about it?