How to change install location

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How to change install location

Postby chassap1 » 2017/11/29 20:50:08

Let me rephrase my question. I want to change the location where the installer for the bootloader. Is there a config file somewhere in the iso that I can edit? There doesn't seem to be a option in the installer.

We have CentOS 7.4 minimal installed on a hard drive. We replaced the CPU module/BIOS. We checked the new BIOS settings to make sure the Boot Priority was set to UEFI OS for the hard drive.

Then when we try to boot the OS, we get an error message that it can't find \EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI. If we do a fresh install of the OS, it boots fine. The BIOS then knows about CentOS. The BIOS has no setting for updating the path.

How did the BIOS get updated after the installation? How can I change the UFI NVRAM so I don't have do a re-installation?