How would you handle this situation

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How would you handle this situation

Postby northpoint » 2017/11/30 12:06:26

I have a client that runs SBS 2011 and Exchange the domain (AD) is sd.local. I am moving the AD to a centos server using samba 4.6.7 and originally I was going to keep it sd.local. However, Some time after the migration I was planning on configuring an email service on this server to pull email for 13 workstations. However, I have been told that using the *.local is going to be an issue. So, I need to change the new AD to a registered Domain name. When I do this I suppose their whole desktop environment is going to change to the default desktop (windows7) and none of their files / shares will be there and have to be resetup. Also, Their current Exchange Calendar info might not be available or have issues as its under the sd.local and not the new domain name on the old server.

Im not sure how to handle the transition or what issues I will run into in trying to move everything to a new domain name.

Whats the best way to accomplish this?
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